Saturday, September 29, 2012

So...Let's Get Real

Originally Published in Out In Jersey July/August 2012

In a Michigan high school, a bully clipped some kid’s hair because the bully thought the guy looked "too gay." The boy was being held down, and he was crying. That bully was Mitt Romney.

Amendment One by Mike Pettyjohn for August 2012As you are most undoubtedly aware, it’s an election year. So, let’s get real here, girl-to-girl. LGBTs who vote Republican in the coming presidential election are either selfish, delusional or both. A vote for Mitt Romney is a clear vote against LGBT rights. Let’s break it down.

The delusional voters are the easiest to understand. They think that a Republican leadership that has repeatedly denounced LGBTs will be so busy fixing up the place that they’ll forget all about those empty promises to burn us at the stake.

The selfish voters are harder to understand. They believe Romney will make them money - that’s all that matters. They pretend that homeless and poor LGBTs can fend for themselves. Love Thy Neighbor is a rule to be used between gated community members (unless their landscaping service dumps grass clippings on your lawn). With enough money, what does it matter if the government treats you as a second-class citizen? You can just go on vacation and wait for a regime change.

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