Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gaying It Up in the Military

Morgan and Wells
With the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the military has gotten positively limp-wristed. Not only have camo fatigues been replaced with pink, pleather jumpsuits, but soldiers are dying in droves because they no longer fight the enemy - they put down their guns and start doing each other.


Right-wingers were wrong yet again! (Here is where I say I told you so!) Nothing has changed in the military besides allowing GLB's to be honest about who they are*.

The iconic kiss that went viral:
Marine Sgt. Brandon Morgan posted a picture of him jumping into the arms of his partner Dalan Wells to his Facebook. To his surprise, the picture spread across the web like wildfire. Morgan told NPR that "four years of pent-up emotion and secret love" led to "what felt like an eternity kiss." Morgan described the event: "My legs started going numb...and I didn't care who was around...I wanted to show him how much I cared for him."

Huston & Guerrero (LGBT Weekly)
1st Military Base Proposal:
Cory Huston was discharged under DADT (read about how it ruined his life here). However, this is a happy blog post. With DADT ended, Avarice Guerrero back from Afghanistan and after a separation of 10 months, Huston decided it was time - he proposed right there on the base! "It is believed to be the first proposal of marriage and engagement between two gay men – not to mention two war vets – on a US military base," says LGBT Weekly.

Gaeta & Snell (Brian J. Clark/AP)
First "1st kiss":
Of course, we cannot forget Petty Officer Second Class Marissa Gaeta and Petty Officer Third Class Citlalic Snell! They are the first women to share the "first kiss." Gaeta spent $50 buying 50 tickets to the traditional raffle that determines who gets the first kiss.

If you're not teary eyed yet, you'll have to watch the following video by the Coalition for Equal Marriage (a U.K. marriage equality group). The vid's tagline: "All men can be heroes."

3 exclamation points means it's serious!!!


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